We don’t want our customers to experience problems!

The days of reacting to a problem have been replaced by days of problem prevention. Today’s businesses require that computers and networks be up and running 100% of the time. Lakes Computer is committed to being a leader in prevention technology.

Because we are proactive by nature, we do everything we can to prevent any problem that could arise be it hardware or software related. Businesses today are being bombarded with threats every minute of every day. Because of the sheer number of threats a business encounters on a daily basis, we developed our Safeguard Managed Services.

What’s downtime costing your business? 

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We incorporated the protective capabilities of several software packages along with the prevention tools of hardware into one managed service. With our service you get industry leading anti-virus coupled with industry leading Adware and spam protection.

So that issues can be dealt with swiftly and effectively, we have added a remote management and monitoring tool to our mix. This tool allows us to push security updates to your devices whether they are Operating System or Application updates, we can manage them for you, keeping your devices as secure as possible.


Hackers are lazy, they reverse engineer updates to infect systems that aren’t up-to-date!

No prevention plan is complete without a state-of-the-art automated backup/business continuity and disaster recovery solution. We have included our datto business continuity solution as part of our managed services. With this solution we can have your system up and running in 30 minutes or less in the event of a server failure. With the same solution we can have your system up and running in 90 minutes or less through the cloud in the event of a disaster.